Supported Living

Supported Living is the culmination of the continuum. As developmental milestones are “delayed” in these individuals, so too are the social “rites of passage”, like a home of one’s own, a job, a family, etc. The Supported Living program assists the individual in realizing the independence of a personal residence, while providing the needed supports as the individual learns to be a self-sustaining and responsible member of the community. Individual skill limitations and weaknesses vary according to the experience and capabilities of the individual. By using a “Coach” model, the individual’s weaknesses are identified and supported until the skill-sets needed are acquired. The Arc and its Supported Living staff make a 24/7/365 commitment to the health, safety and security of individuals in the Supported Living program, available any day, any time to help resolve a perceived crisis.

Equally important, The Arc makes that assurance to the stakeholders who value that individual. An aging parent or caregiver concerned about the well-being of that person in future years develops a confidence in The Arc and its commitment to provide needed supports gives them comfort and reassurance as they become progressively less able to provide natural supports.

Supported Living is also a “Coach” based implementation model available to adults with cognitive or other developmental disabilities who reside in western Palm Beach County and desire independent living. The Coach assists those individuals who are not entirely competent in the requisite skills (e.g., finding suitable and affordable housing, household budgeting, shopping, cooking, cleaning, banking, etc.) and is on-call twenty-four hours a day by telephone, mobile phone and staff back-up.

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