Community Inclusion Program

Community Inclusion provides supervised small-group activities. This includes learning to access public transportation, shopping and money management, appropriate public behavior, attire, languageā€¦..all leading to appropriate social, cultural and employment skill-sets needed for independent community living. Community Inclusion is a “Coach” based service model. It provides experiential opportunities for participants to develop competencies needed for independent living and community employment, skills considered routine in the non-disabled population. A component of Community Inclusion also provides an employment simulation experience through volunteerism (see below). The Arc has developed relationships with area Not-For Profit organizations (public libraries, day care centers, senior centers, AIDS organizations, Food Banks, Community Meal Sites) and program participants choose at which host site to volunteer. This activity promotes community participation, assists the host agency in fulfilling its mission, provides the individual with work tasks in a community setting under host agency supervision (with staff from The Arc present and available), and generates reference material useful to the participant when applying for gainful employment.

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